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Do you have ODA Drawings Explorer for Windows 32-bit?

No, we dropped support for 32-bit version.

What is the difference between ODA Drawings Explorer and ODA Viewer?

ODA Drawing Explorer uses Drawing SDK and allows to change the DWG database. ODA Viewer uses Visualize SDK and doesn't allow any changes in database (but still allows to change some visualize settings like visualization styles, parameters of the lights, etc). Drawing Explorer is focused on the DWG database while ODA Viewer is about the visualization.

Is the source code available for the ODA Viewer application?

You can find the source code of the ODA Viewer application in the VisualizeQt (available only for ODA Members).
After unpacking the archive, navigate to the /Components/Application subfolder.

Where can I download the source code for the ODA Drawings Explorer example?

You can find it in the Drawings archive: Drawings_<version>\Drawing\Examples\Qt\OdaQtApp.

What are ODA Viewer and ODA File Converter?

ODA Viewer and ODA File Converter are example projects that illustrate the possibilities of the ODA framework. They are free downloads that you can use to get an overview of ODA SDKs. If you are not an ODA member, you can use them for non-commercial applications only.

We do not distribute ODA File Converter; we distribute our SDKs which work with .dwg, .dxf, .dgn and many other file formats (not only read and save, but also edit, visualize, etc.). We provide only the latest version on our website, earlier versions are only available for ODA Members.