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Is C++ 17 supported?

Since 2020.4 ODA SDK can be compiled using C++17 standard.

Do you support GCC 4.8 for new releases?

We had dropped support for gcc4.8 (20.12 release is the last one). Gcc 4.9 is the oldest compiler bundle now.

How to upload a big (or confidential) file to jira or forum?

You can use

Username and password are the same as for logging in to the main member download page. Your default directory will be a private home directory that can be used for uploads. Upload your file(s) here.

Place a link to the newly uploaded file in your JIRA report using the following format:<your username>/<uploaded file name>


Note that this link will not be accessible to you via HTTP, but it will be accessible to our development staff, saving us time when processing the issue.

Clients settings:





Core FTP LE:




I am getting following error while building a solution: error MSB8031: Building an MFC project for a non-Unicode character set is deprecated.

You need to install MFC. It doesn't come with default install configuration. Run Visual Studio installer, click "Modify", and select Visual C++ MFC.

I am getting following error while building a solution: fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'mfc140u.lib'.

You need to install MFC. It doesn't come with default install configuration. Run Visual Studio installer, click "Modify", and select Visual C++ MFC.

What is the difference between .dll and .tx?

Tx is just different file extension, such modules are used only for dynamic loading (similar to .arx in AutoCAD).

I can't login into JIRA. What should I do?

Once you have logged in at , you should have access to Jira.

Jira login is only for ODA Developers - for internal projects. All communications with customers are made via public projects.

I'm an ODA member, but I can't log into the system. Each password reset says it is expired even though I just received it.

This issue may be caused by some of your software (email client etc.). It opened the one-time link before You did this. Since the link can't be used twice You was unable to reset your access. Please email us on if you faced this issue.

Which is corresponding names of production releases for git branches (available for founding and corporate members)?

Git branch name Production release name
19.5 2019
19.8 2019Update1
19.12 (19.12.1, 19.12.2, 19.12.3, 19.12.4 contain additional fixes for Open Cloud) 2019Update2
20.5 2020
20.8 2020Update1
20.12 2020Update2

I’m a member of ODA (not a trial user). How to activate ODA Products?

1. Choose ODA Product and find dependencies on the scheme. Download necessary archives, for example:

  • For Civil SDK download Kernel, Drawings, Architecture and Civil;
  • For Drawings.NET SDK download Kernel, Drawings, and Drawings.NET;
  • For Architecture.NET SDK download Kernel, Drawings, Drawings.NET, Architecture, and Architecture.NET.

Please do not mix archives with different configurations:

  • dll - indicates dynamic link library version
  • md, mt - /MD, /MT, etc. Visual Studio compiler options (static library)
  • dbg - indicates the presence of debug information (/mtd, /mdd, etc.)

2. Unpack downloaded archives and merge them in one folder.

3. Get ODA Activation Information.

4. After login, check your activation name, and if it is correct, choose a version of the ODA platform you use and click the Generate.

How to determine, which archive I need for particular Visual Studio version?

You can see it in the archives name. Please, note that vc (Visual C++) version doesn’t always exactly have the same number as Visual Studio version:

vc = Visual Studio version









What is the difference between archives with dll, dlldbg, dllrwd, md, mddbg endings?

These archives have different configurations:

  • dll - indicates dynamic link library version;
  • md, mt - Visual Studio compiler options (static library);
  • dbg - indicates the presence of debug information (/mtd, /mdd, etc.);
  • rwd - release build containing debug information (useful for reproducing certain types of runtime problems);
  • amd64 - libraries built for the x86 AMD64 platform.

More information about naming conventions for archivescan be found here.

You shouldn’t mix archives with different configurations (even mixing dll and dlldbg can cause exceptions).

How can I check that object of class OdDbAttribute has UTF-8 characters?

Use attr->tag ().c_str() and attr->textString ().c_str().
Also this article will be helpful.

Why I see a warning 'It made by unauthorized application' in AutoCAD when trying to open dwg file created with ODA SDKs?

This message indicates that the file was created with a non-Autodesk(c) software. As we are independent from Autodesk(c) this message must appear (with both regular and trial archives) as otherwise it will be a violation of the legal terms.

How should I configure the project in Eclipse (I am using Java 8)?

Open the Project Properties in Eclipse and switch to Java Build Path -> Libraries. Add the .jars to the project and specify the "Native library location" setting. Point to the exe/vc10 folder with all of the .exe and .dll files activated.

Is there a way to detect whether a drawing was created by ODA or another application?

The TDFILEPRODUCT command prints to the console either an ODA version string or "Unknown": TOOLKIT_EXPORT OdString odFileWasSavedBySoftware(const OdDbDatabase* pDb); This function is not declared in Include headers.

Is it possible to load DLLs and TX files from a different folder than where the main application is installed, e.g., a subfolder of my installation such as ODA\DLLs?

For DLLs and .tx modules you link with, it is the same as for any other DLLs. Their folders should be in the PATH variable.

For .tx modules that are not linked (loaded dynamically with loadModule()), you can override OdRxSystemServices::findModule() and return the full path.