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Which android version of Drawings SDK I will need to use to build an android application for android platform?

Linux, macos, mingw depends on your computer system. If you use Windows you need mingw.

I meet a file problem reading dwg file on Android system. The temporarily files generated on initialing the OdDb cannot be deleted after close the software.

Dwg file reading and rendering does not create temporary files and does not use sqlite. Temporary files can be created for writing undo information. To prevent it you can try pDb->disableUndoRecording(true).

Such temporary files are created by DWF Toolkit which uses sqlite (based on file name prefix).

More information in API Reference

Working with iOS projects ( iOdaApp ), you may find that Xcode project user interface becomes broken. The platform selection is unavailable (the project cannot be built, it’s impossible to choose what to build ).

The problem is related to some Xcode file or project setting becoming corrupt/broken and there's no other way to fix the problem other than to regenerate the project with Cmake. The problem occurs randomly but more likely to happen after Xcode update.

When will BimRv SDK be available on the iOS platform?

We do not have plans for the BIM Suite on mobile platforms. You can use Open Cloud SDK for BIM on mobile devices.

You can find more information on our website and in Open Cloud documentation.

How can I use ODA SDKs for visualization on Google® Android®?

See how it's implemented in the OdaAndroidApp example (members can find the file in the release archive /Drawing/Examples/Android/OdaAndroidApp).

You can find more information in the documentation.