ODA Releases Teigha® 4.2

Neil Peterson

June 15, 2016

Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the release of version 4.2 of Teigha, its development platform for engineering applications.

Teigha 4.2 contains geo data support for integrating maps and satellite imagery into .dwg drawing files. Clients can customize this support to work with popular online mapping services, and Teigha provides full rendering support for geo-integrated drawings.

Version 4.2 also introduces new support for visual styles, which provides client applications with the ability to fine-tune the display of edge and shading properties for 3d views.

“Teigha is widely used for visualization, and our new geo data support will enable a wide range of custom visualization solutions that integrate maps and other real-world imagery with drawing data,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA President.

Sergey Vishnevetsky, ODA Development Director, said, “Another new feature in Teigha 4.2 is the ability to export linearized PDF files. Linearized PDF enables faster viewing over the internet by allowing clients to download PDF data on demand, one page at a time.”

In addition, version 4.2 includes a number of enhancements to .dgn file import functionality, improvements to raster clipping, and fixes for issues reported by ODA members.

Teigha 4.2 is available for download by ODA members at www.opendesign.com.