Native support for .dwg and .dgn files

For over a decade Teigha has been the trusted solution for building CAD software recognized by hundreds of companies that require high-quality access to engineering data. With the ability to recover, repair, read and write .dwg files, Teigha enables companies to maintain and develop their intellectual property.

Rendering is powerful

Teigha Drawings makes use of the Teigha Rendering Framework to achieve high-quality rendering of drawing files. This includes both wireframe and shaded rendering for 2D and 3D graphical data. Rendering support for ACIS/Parasolid is standard with Teigha Drawings, including access to the underlying boundary representation data.

Interact with other file formats

With extensive capability, Teigha can import and export graphical data of various formats. It provides import of .dwf, .dae and .dgn files and export of .dwg drawings to a range of raster and vector formats (PDF, SVG, STL, DWF, and other). Also included is support of external files such as font files (TTF/SHX), linetype files (LIN/RSC) and hatch pattern files (PAT).

Creation of fully functional custom objects

Teigha Drawings provides support for custom objects used in a range of disciplines, such as mechanical and electrical design or geographic information. Subscribers can create custom objects that are usable within any Teigha host application (compatible with .dwg files only). This proven technology is used to support the Teigha Architecture and Teigha Civil extensions.