3D ACIS Modeler from Spatial Corp provides technology accessible to member applications built with Teigha using the optional SpaModeler module.

Integration of 3D ACIS Modeler allows applications to:

  • Create sphere, box, frustum, torus, wedge, extrusion, pyramid, lofted solid, object, and more.
    (Available via methods in the OdDb3dSolid class.)
  • Render 3D ACIS entities (shaded and wireframe rendering).
  • Perform Boolean operations between 2 solids.
  • Perform auxiliary functions for sections, slicing, interference checking, and more.

For more information about 3D ACIS Modeler, see http://www.spatial.com/.

The SpaModeler source code is available to ODA founding members and requires a separate license from Spatial Corporation.

Please see www.spatial.com/products/evaluation for evaluation details.