1. FAQ

Fail to run sample application in trial archive. What should I do?

Please check if you have activated archive properly. Activation for each archive is described in the email "ODA Trial Subscription Approved".

I want to generate a new license key. How can I do this? The table My License Keys is all invalid.

Our trial archives are attached to a particular desktop. We can enable several keys for you, email us on

Do you have a special type of membership, so we could try this out with cheaper cost during development phase?

You can apply for Non-Commercial membership for the development cycle, but you will have to upgrade before the commercial distribution of the ODA-based solutions.

How can I join the Open Design Alliance and use your SDKs?

To use our SDKs in your own CAD solution you need to join our community. To do this please:

  1. Go to pricing page;
  2. Select the membership level that matches your distribution model (Commercial - for desktop/mobile application with less than 100 copies of the end-user product per year; Sustaining - for unlimited distribution of desktop/mobile apps or web/saas solutions distribution; Founding - if you additionally wish to get access to the source code of the SDKs);
  3. Select additional components if you need ones (BimRv - for .rvt/.rfa formats support; BimNv - for .nwc, .nwd, .nwf formats support; Civil, Mechanical, Map - for Civil, Mechanical or Map extensions of the .dwg format);
  4. Review the membership terms using the link "Printable contract" in the right top part of the screen under the "Membership Level" block;
  5. Click Apply for membership;
  6. Fill in the data;
  7. Wait for the invoice for the first year membership fee and pay it.

What is the difference between the trial version and the official version?

Both versions trial and regular use the same code, but the trial version is published for one (Windows, release) platform only. Regular archives are provided for various platforms including debug configurations and other OS. The trial protection is attached to a particular desktop, so you can run it only after activation. Regular archives protection is attached to a development desktop and does not require activation on every desktop the SDK is run.