Why is the raster image that is exported from a drawing blank?

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There are three possible reasons:

  • The raster file cannot be located. Set a break point to your OdDbHostAppServices inheritor findFile() method and see if the file can be found.
  • The raster image format is not supported by the RasterServices module. Check all the supported raster formats in the OdRxRasterServices::ImageType enumeration.
  • Missing RasterServices module, which is responsible for handling raster files.
    • If you are using a static libraries configuration, you must link the RxRasterServices and FreeImage libraries. Better to link the RasterProcessor library also to enable raster format conversion. Raster services must be registered into the static modules map:
      #if !defined(_TOOLKIT_IN_DLL_) || defined(__MWERKS__)
      ODRX_DEFINE_STATIC_APPLICATION(OdRasterProcessorModuleName,  OdRasterProcessingServicesImpl)
      #endif // !defined(_TOOLKIT_IN_DLL_) || defined(__MWERKS__)
    • If you are using a dynamic libraries configuration, all described .tx modules must be simply available in your application directory.