Which file formats does Drawings SDK work with?

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Drawings SDK works with different file formats including .dwg, .dgn, .dwf, .dxb, .pdf, .dae (Collada),.svg, raster formats, .stl, .hsf, Three.js, .pc3, .rcs, .rcp. Drawings SDK saves file in the latest file version.

Supported versions of .dwg, .dxf, .dxb (binary .dxf): starting from ACAD9 and ACAD10 (.dxf and .dxb only) to ACAD2018.

Supported versions of .dwf: XPS, B6, A6, C5.5, A5.5, B5.5, C4, A4, B4, 3D.

Format Export Import
.dgn yes yes (import .dgn to .dwg only)
.dwf yes yes
.pdf yes yes
.dae (Collada) yes yes
.svg yes no
Raster Formats yes no
.stl yes no
.hsf yes no
Three.js yes no