Are there command line examples that support Windows and Linux operating systems (.deb) for converting .dwg/.dxf files into .dwg/.dxf/.svg/.png files?

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ODA SDKs support numerous formats. Drawings SDK provides native support for .dwg/.dxf file formats and a set of various exports and imports. The Drawings SDK archive includes a set of samples that work at the command line. Here are a few examples related to converting files:

  • OdCopyEx — Loads a .dwg/.dxf file of any version and saves it to a .dwg/.dxf file of any version.
  • OdDwfExport — Loads a .dwg/.dxf file and exports its content to a .dwf file.
  • OdColladaExport — The same, but the output is a Collada file.
  • OdPdfExport — Also the same, but the output is a .pdf file.
  • OdSvgExport — Also the same, but the output is an .svg file.
  • And more.