After exporting a .dwg drawing to an .svg file, text has characters that were replaced by other symbols. How can I fix it?

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The application can't find the .shx and .ttf files that contain the needed characters. To solve this problem:

  1. Put the font file in the same folder as the drawing.
  2. If the drawing is placed in a folder other than the application, use the ACAD environment variable to set the folder with the needed font or use the application's findFile() method to specify where the font file is located.
  3. OdString fontFile = pHostApp->findFile(L"fontFileName.ttf"); // Or use the full path name
    OdTtfDescriptor descr;
    pHostApp->ttfFileNameByDescriptor(descr, fontFile);

Detailed information about font handling can be found in the Font Handling topic.