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How to export monochrome .tiff from input .dwg file?

Please find a link to the documentation.

This article contains information how to export monochrome using Plot Styles and sample code. This method works not only for pdf but for other formats too.

How to import 2d drawing data from .dwg file other than vectorize?

You can get all data loaded from .dwg file. But it would a bit more complex than vectorization. Look into OdReadEx sample. It loads .dwg file and dumps its contents.

Is there any tool available, which merges multiple dxf files into single dxf file?

You can convert .dxf files to .dwg and insert them as external references into one main drawing. After that using binding they can be merged into main drawing. See OdDbXrefMan::bind() - XRefMan.h

Is PDFImport supported on Linux?

Yes. You need the library and the TD_PdfImport.tx module. Unfortunately, example of using it exists only in Windows. But using PdfImport is described in our documentation.

Is it possible to import IGES files?

No, ODA framework does not support IGES format.

Which elements can be imported from a .dgn file to a .dwg file?

Please refer to the DGN Elements Available for Import to .dwg Files topic. It has a table that lists the fully supported, mainly supported and unsupported objects.

How to import from a .pdf file?

Drawings SDK does not directly support importing .pdf files to .dwg files.

There is a pdf module, coming for free, which is a part of Kernel archives (TD_Pdfium.dll). You can read about versions in which it appears here.

Which libraries should be linked for importing a .dgn file?

Check the linked libraries list of the DgnImport module (dynamic version): System libs:

  • kernel32.lib
  • user32.lib
  • gdi32.lib
  • winspool.lib
  • shell32.lib
  • ole32.lib
  • oleaut32.lib
  • uuid.lib
  • comdlg32.lib
  • advapi32.lib

ODA libs:

  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\TG_Db.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\TD_Gs.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\AcDgnLS.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\TD_Db.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\TD_DbRoot.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\TD_Gi.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\oless.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\tinyxml.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\zlib.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\TD_SpatialIndex.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\TD_Ge.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\sisl.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\TD_Root.lib
  • ..\..\..\..\..\lib\vc9dlldbg\TD_Alloc.lib

How to import a .dgn file to a .dwg file?

To import a .dgn file to a .dwg file:

  1. Load the DGN import TX module.
  2. Create an importer instance.
  3. Set the host application services object (to create a new database, etc.).
  4. Set import parameter values. Set the path to be imported.
  5. Do the importing (call the import() method of the importer).

For more details, see the Importing .dgn Files to .dwg Files topic and the DGN Import sample application at Drawing/Examples/ExDgnImport.