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Which visual studio supports BimRV SDK?

BimRV SDK supported :
Visual Sudio 2015;
Visual Sudio 2017;
Visual Sudio 2019;
Visual Sudio 2022.

What are “Non-hosted family instances”?

This is mean family without host for example different furniture. It does not require modification geometry of host element.

What are “System Families” in Revit?

System families contain family types that you use to create basic building elements such as walls, floors, ceilings, and stairs in your building models.

Walls, floors, ceilings, and stairs are not families, they are reading and represented as the classes instances. Revit does not require loading a family for creation such elements. Family for example are windows, doors, columns, etc. For creation instances of such elements in Revit you need to import a Family in the file.

Is BimRV SDK available for all members?

BimRv SDK is a Special Interest Group project and is available for the members of the Group under a separate license (at least Sustaining membership and BimRv special module - you can find more information on our pricing page).

But if you need to evaluate the capabilities of BimRv you can try the trial archives which are available free of charge and not only for ODA members, but for everyone registered for trial membership.

What are BimRv creation capabilities?

  • Curve Elements
  • Materials
  • Basic Wall
  • Different views
  • DirectShape and FreeFormElement
  • Connectors
  • TextNote
  • SiteSurface
  • Floor
  • Custom parameters and their instances
  • Grid: Line, Arc, Multi-Segment
  • Dimensions: Linear, Alignment, ArcAlignment, ArcLength, Radial, Angular
  • ReferencePlane

Can I convert files to a particular file version?

Any file beginning with the 2011 version can be opened. Automatic conversion to the latest version is implemented for the 2015 file version and higher. Conversion to previous versions is not supported.

Can a new Revit file be created?

A template file must be used for creation of a new .rfa or .rvt file.

What formats of Revit files can be read?

All Revit formats are supported: .rvt, .rfa, .rte.

Does BimRv SDK have a .NET wrapper?

At this moment there are no wrappers.

What data can be exported from Autodesk® Revit® files?

Exports are available to COLLADA, JSON, PDF, OBJ, STL, raster formats, and SVG. Only part of the available information is converted (meshes, materials, textures). Other high-level data cannot be exported because such data cannot be saved in the listed formats.

Which formats can BimRv SDK import/export?

Supported formats for import: COLLADA, and for export: COLLADA, JSON, PDF, OBJ, STL, raster formats, and SVG.