ODA Announces New Branding

Open Design Alliance

September 19, 2018

Use of Teigha brand name to be discontinued

Scottsdale, AZ: September 19th, 2018 – Open Design Alliance (ODA), developer of interoperability, visualization and other foundational technology for the CAD industry, announced today that the ODA “Teigha” brand name is being deprecated in favor of the “Open Design Alliance” brand.

“The Open Design Alliance name is well-known and highly respected within the industry,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA President. “It’s a good name—it clearly communicates our mission, and it resonates well with people in the industry. Teigha, on the other hand, has not achieved a satisfactory level of mind share even after eight years of use. So, we are consolidating on the ODA brand name that everyone already knows.

“This decision is also strategic. ODA’s primary mission is development—it doesn’t make sense for us to spend money building name recognition for a new brand. As part of this change, we have updated our logo and adopted a new tagline to help communicate our mission of providing equal access to key data formats and CAD technology.”


New ODA Logo and Tagline

About Open Design Alliance
Open Design Alliance is a non-profit technology consortium that provides high-value SDKs for developers of engineering applications. Our product portfolio includes solutions for interoperability, visualization, publishing, and CAD editing. It runs on all common desktop, mobile and web platforms. For more information, see www.opendesign.com.

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