Second Annual Teigha® Developer Conference

Neil Peterson

June 15, 2015

The second annual Teigha® Developer Conference will take place September 7-8, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Designed to assist ODA members as they create innovative engineering applications, the conference will provide members with technical guidance and code-level assistance for all aspects of Teigha development. It is suitable for both experienced members and new Teigha based application developers.

“The Teigha platform is constantly being improved to meet the changing needs of the industry,” said ODA President, Neil Peterson. “The developer conference provides an opportunity to preview our new technology, focus on member needs and gain valuable input from our members.”

Conference delegates will have direct access to development and management teams at the ODA. Through one-on-one consultations and small group discussions they will be able to cover any aspect of integrating Teigha technology within their applications and obtain immediate assistance with real-world issues.

Sergey Vishnevetsky, Development Manager at the ODA, said, “We will be highlighting the latest features and capabilities of Teigha. These include improvements in the Teigha Core; use of the new Teigha Cloud framework for web-based applications; and the new Teigha PRC (3D PDF) toolkit for storing and sharing 3D information.”

There is no cost for ODA members to participate in the conference sessions. More information is available here