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Publish CAD models to 2D or 3D PDF

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Core capabilities

Publishing from all supported formats

Publishing from OpenCloud

100% compatible with ISO standards and Adobe(r) tools

Complete 2D PDF export

Complete 3D PDF export

Complete PRC API

Complete Publish API

Extensive Configuration Options

Set of predefined controls for 3D publications


Publish works with all file formats supported by ODA.
Autodesk® Revit®*  
.rcs (Autodesk® Recap®)  
DAE (Collada)  
PDF (2D)  
PDF (3D PRC-based)  
VSF (Visualize Stream Format)  
Autodesk® Navisworks®*  

*Requires an additional annual licensing fee

Use the feature-rich API to create sophisticated PDF content.
Geometry and Attributes

Create simple geometry, NURBS, images and more from any data source. Set layers, linetypes and other attributes.

Extensive Configuration Options

Fine-tune the final PDF output with parameters to control text quality, compression, HLR, hyperlinks and more.

Compact File Size

Extensively optimized to create PDF files with the smallest possible footprint.

3D Solids

Store 3D models and meshes or b-reps, compressed or uncompressed.

Complete PRC API

Leverage the full set of PRC entities to convert any custom 3D data to 3D PDF.

ISO Compatibility

All generated PDFs are 100% compatible with ISO standards and Adobe(r) tools.


Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Create interactive 3D PDF documents with animation, navigation and other advanced features.

Create complex animations using JavaScript or control animation parametrically.

Custom Views

Add custom views with a scrollable interactive view list.

Parts Lists

Build parts lists that can interact with elements in a view.


Optionally including original scale and measurement information in a document.


Create sophisticated product and manufacturing information (PMI) including dimensions and tolerances.

SaaS-friendly licensing, with transparent pricing.
Part of Standard ODA Membership

Publish is included in all ODA membership levels, at no additional cost beyond the standard membership fee.

Web Applications & SaaS

Web applications (including SaaS) are permitted under the Sustaining, Founding and Corporate membership levels (no limits on distribution).


ODA offers free technical support for all membership levels.

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