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  • 完整访问ODA平台,用于构建和运行示例应用程序以及使用自己的应用程序。包括用其构建和运行示例应用程序以及与您自己的应用程序协同运作。
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ODA trial subscription application

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Choose ODA Products

Visualize, Open Cloud and Publish SDKs are already included.

1 for Autodesk® Revit® files
2 for Autodesk® Navisworks® files

    If you are already an ODA member, please click here

    If you are already an ODA member and would like to apply for a trial version of BimRv SDK (for Autodesk® Revit® files), BimNv SDK (for Autodesk® Navisworks® files), Civil SDK, or Mechanical SDK, please 点击这里.

    Simple instructions

    • 申请 试用并标记您要评估的ODA产品。
    • 确认您的电子邮件。
    • 接收附有您的证书及下载所需试用版链接的电子邮件。
    • 下载、 解压并激活试用档案。

    Free support


    More about ODA trial version

    • Trial versions are available for the following products:

      • Core Package
        • 绘图(Drawings)
        • IFC
        • 建筑(Architecture)
        • PRC
      • 战略互联团队
        • 土木(Civil)
        • BimRv
        • BimNv
        • 机械(Mechanical)
      • .Net and Java Wrappers
        • Drawings for Java
        • Drawings.NET
        • PRC.NET
        • Architecture.NET

      ODA software supports a wide list of platforms, but trial versions are available only for the Win64 platform as DLL configurations for Visual Studio 2019 (vc16).

      Trial and full version archives are updated and released at the same time.
      Each trial version runs on one computer only and is valid for 60 days.
      During the trial, users have full access to the documentation and support forum (login required).
      Trial versions require a subscription account and license activation.

      • When filling in the subscription application form, specify the list of ODA products you want to evaluate.

      • After approving your e-mail address, you'll receive your credentials and the link for downloading an archive that contains all the trial ODA products you requested.

      • Follow this link to download and unpack the archive for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 (vc16). Now you need to activate your trial version (see the next section for details).

    • Go to exe > vc16_amd64dll and open TrialActivator.

      Enter your credentials provided via email, wait 3 seconds and that’s it!

      Now you can open sample applications
      and start using ODA SDKs.

    • Sample applications are pre-built in the exe<configuration> folder and can be run immediately after activating the trial versions. At the command prompt, run any sample application without argumentsto display information about its usage.

      To use a sample, enter the sample application executable filename followed by arguments, for example:

      OdCopyEx test.dxb test_copy.dwg


      If you run samples without a valid license key, errors display and the command prompt closes

      The following samples are recommended as a starting point for evaluating ODA software. For a full list of samples and their descriptions, go to: this page (login required).

      Converting a Drawing File to a New Type and Version

      OdCopyEx reads a drawing file and saves it as a new .dwg, .dxf, or .dxb file. It illustrates:

      • ODA platform initialization
      • File loading into a database
      • Auditing of a loaded database
      • Saving a database to a specified file version and type
      • Assert function customization

      See the video for an OdCopyEx sample overview

      Reading a Drawing File

      OdReadEx reads a drawing file and displays all information about the entities and object types located in the file. It illustrates:

      • ODA platform initialization
      • File loading, including password-protected files
      • Parsing of a loaded database
      • Switching on entity/object types using protocol extensions
      • Accessing various object properties
      • Getting entity geometry via vectorization
      • Assert function customization

      See the video for an OdReadEx sample application overview

      Creating a Drawing File

      OdWriteEx creates a new drawing, populates it with various entities, and saves to a file. It illustrates:

      • Creating various entities and objects
      • Freezing local time to create drawings with the same creation/modification time (useful for comparing created drawings while testing)
      • Providing a bitmap device for drawing preview creation
      • Using a custom AuditInfo object to save audit messages to a file
      • Using support files (fonts, etc.) from a third-party, if available
      • Saving a password-protected file
      • Assert function customization

      See the video for an OdWriteEx sample application overview

    • Overview of ODA Software Contents

      The following obligatory folders are created when the trial archive is unpacked:

      • 组件
      • Exe
      • Platforms
      • Kernel
      • lib
      • ThirdParty

      The following optional folders may be created depending on the projects selected for trial evaluation:

      • 绘图(Drawings)
      • BimNv
      • 可视化(Visualize)
      • BimRv
      • IFC
      • and so on
      Building the Samples
      1. In Microsoft Visual Studio, open a sample application solution file located in the Platforms\<configuration> folder. These solution files have next structure:<Product>_vc15dll_ex.sln
      2. Build the solution to generate binary executable files and libraries for the samples. (Press F7 or choose Build > Build Solution.
        If the build is successful, binary output is placed in the exe\<configuration> folder)
      3. Modify or add your own code to the source code located in the Examples folder to further evaluate ODA software.
    • about technical issues and general ODA software usage

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