Сomplete interoperability for STEP in any application

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Core capabilities

Access to STEP models data

Conversion to other file formats BETA: December ‘22

B-Rep conversion into ODA Solid Modeler bodies BETA: December ‘22

SDAI and format-dependent validation BETA: December ‘22

Stand-alone geometry visualization including 2D, access to B-Rep data

BETA PMI data visualization (AP242)

.NET wrapper BETA: December ‘22


Supported EXPRESS schemas

The ODA EXPRESS Runtime supports any EXPRESS-based format using a common API

Tested with AP203/AP214/AP238/AP242 (ed2 and ed3), CIS/2 and Domain Model Schemas

  • Runtime Schema initialization
    from EXPRESS file

  • Access to all meta-data defined by EXPRESS schema

  • ODA C++ late bound API, ISO-10303-24 SDAI
    for access to model data

  • Early-Bound access using generated classes
    for established schemas

    BETA: December ‘22
  • Read/write STEP data from/to SPF/HDF5/XML.
    ZIP versions supported.

  • Derived Attributes/Where Rules and Global Rules evaluation
    with EXPRESS interpreter

Geometry visualization

  • ISO10303-42 Geometric and Topological representation
  • StepX (Step XML) assembly based on Domain Model express schema visualization
  • PMI/Dimensions of AP242


  • 导入

    • DWG
    • AP242
    • 3D PDF
  • STEP

  • 导出

    • DWG
    • OBJ
    • 2D PDF, 3D PDF
    • AP214


  • Production

    • PMI data visualization


    • Early-Bound access using generated classes for established schemas
    • STEP advanced_brep to ODA Solid Modeler bodies conversion

    2022 December

  • Production

    • Early-Bound access using generated classes for established schemas
    • STEP advanced_brep to ODA Solid Modeler bodies conversion


    • STEP to DWG

    2023 June


Visualize STEP data on the desktop or from any web-based application

  • Visual Styles

    Use different visual styles to customize your rendering of silhouettes, obscured (hidden) edges, transparency and more.

  • 性能

    Spatial filtering and other performance enhancing techniques provide fast visualization of STEP data, even for large models.

  • 导航

    Use a set of standard features for navigating through a model such as zoom, pan, 3d rotation and more.

  • Materials and Lighting

    Use materials and lighting effects to create a high-quality, realistic visual representation of a model.

  • More about ODA Visualize

Under development Collaborate on web with Open Cloud

Fast visualization of STEP models in any WebGL-enabled browser

STEP models validation

More about ODA Open Cloud


Publish STEP models to 3D PDF or 2D PDF

More about ODA Publish
  • Interactive 3D or standard 2D documentation
  • 100% compatible with ISO standards and Adobe tools
  • Create PRC-based 3D PDF documents with full B-rep models
  • Add animation, interactive views, parts lists, and more


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STEP SDK is included in the core package of SDKs available to all ODA members: