ODA Membership: Success through collaboration

Serving the long-term needs of the industry

  • 1998

    Non-profit technology
    established in 1998

  • 1200

    Supported by 1200
    member companies

  • 85%

    85% of revenue
    goes to R&D

  • $60M

    Over $60M invested
    in developing
    the ODA Platform

ODA members
receive the following benefits

  • ODA membership provides access to SDKs for popular CAD, BIM and Mechanical
    file formats.

    ODA Platform
  • New products are regularly added to the ODA Core Package, with no additional licensing fees.
    The most recent addition
    to the Core Package was
    STEP in 2021.

  • Members can collaborately fund the development
    of new products
    , such as our BimRv SDK for Revit files.

    Strategic Interoperability Groups

Retrospective roadmap

  • 2018

    • 扩展名

      New product
      BimNv SDK
      for Navisworks files

    • 内核

      Start ODA Solid
      Modeler Development

  • 2019

    • 内核

      New product
      IFC SDK

    • 内核

      New product RCS point
      cloud engine

  • 2021

    • 内核

      Start ODA Constraints
      Engine Development

    • 内核

      New product STEP SDK

  • 2022

    • 扩展名

      Start Scan-to-BIM

    • 扩展名

      New product
      LandXML SDK

is at the heart
of ODA

  • ODA develops high-quality interoperability solutions for complex engineering data
  • You build great products based
    on ODA technology
  • In-house development

    • Duplication of work
    • In-house expertise & resources
    • Expensive
    • Incompatibilities between vendors
  • 协作

    • One high-quality solution, shared by all
    • Professional, experienced ODA team
    • Lower cost per company
    • Improved compatibility between vendors


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Irina Rudeva

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