Running Drawings.NET Classic Commands in ODA Sample Applications

Yuri Moskovsky

October 31, 2019

ODA Products contain many example applications to help developers see the various ODA SDK capabilities. If you’re working with Drawings.NET Classic, the sample applications OdaMfcApp and ODA Drawings Explorer are convenient tools for running and testing your Drawings.NET Classic commands.

Running Drawings.NET Classic commands in the OdaMfcApp sample application

The OdaMfcApp.exe sample application can be found in your ODA installation directory \Exe\<compilerversion>\.

  1. Choose File > New to create a new drawing.
  2. Choose Tools > Load Applications.
  3. Click Load, choose NETLOADCommand.tx, then click Select.
  4. Click OK.
  5. In the main window, press Shift+C to open the command console.
  6. Type NETLOAD, then choose XNet.dll, which contains the command ADDSOMETEXT for C#.
  7. Type ADDSOMETEXT, then see the result.
Running Drawings.NET Classic commands in the ODA Drawings Explorer sample application

ODA Drawings Explorer can be downloaded from the ODA website.

  1. Make sure that ODA Drawings Explorer is installed in the same location as Drawings.NET Classic.
  2. At the command prompt in ODA Drawings Explorer, type:
    new "i" appload "xnet.dll" addsometext

Alternatively you can add xnet.dll in the Startup Suite of the APPLOAD command.

For more details, see the help topic in ODA Drawings Explorer for using .NET Classic with ODA Drawings Explorer.