ODA Releases Drawings SDK 2020

Open Design Alliance

July 01, 2019

Strategic improvements for .dwg technology



Scottsdale, AZ: July 1st, 2019 – Open Design Alliance (ODA), leading provider of CAD interoperability and component technology, announced today the release of Drawings SDK 2020. Drawings is a development platform for desktop, mobile and web applications that work with .dwg and .dgn data.

“Drawings 2020 marks a significant milestone for several of our longer-term .dwg technology initiatives,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA President. “The first of these is Common Data Access (CDA). CDA is a platform-neutral framework for accessing model structure and property information in a common manner for all ODA-supported formats. For example, CDA will allow applications to access data from .dwg, .dgn, Autodesk® Revit® files, and other formats using a common interface, greatly simplifying the development of multi-format viewers, markup editors, and other applications. Drawings 2020 contains the initial CDA framework, and we are expecting CDA to be completed by the end of this year.”

Sergey Vishnevetsky, ODA Development Director, said, “Drawings 2020 also implements the first phase of our upcoming support for model documentation views for .dwg. This feature will allow sophisticated detailing of 3D models using associative views. Full support for model doc views will be available by December.

“A third area of strategic focus for ODA is basic, economical 3D solid modeling. Many ODA members are developing applications that require a limited set of 3D modeling operations, and they don’t want to license an expensive third-party modeler. ODA Solid Modeler 2020 can now create sweeps and extrusions along a path, and save these to .dwg as ACIS®-compatible 3D solids. Importantly, ODA Solid Modeler is offered as a standard part of an ODA membership, at no additional cost to members.”

Drawings 2020 contains a number of additional features including enhancements for .dgn support and improvements to the ODA geometry sub-system, as well as fixes for several hundred member-reported issues. The SDK and full release notes are available for download at www.opendesign.com.

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