Introduction to the BimRv Object Model

Learn the data hierarchy of a BimRv database

  • How to properly process streams and storage
  • How to extract the object tree
  • How to obtain auxiliary data

Smart Upgrades to your CAD Technology Stack

Learn about the benefits
of switching to ODA components

  • DWG as an application kernel
  • Data import/export
  • Data conversions
  • 发布(Publishing)
  • Integrated visualization

Introduction to the ODA Object Model

Get to know ODA components
as building blocks for your solution

  • Key objects
  • Key classes hierarchy
  • 模块依赖关系

Multi-Format Visualization and Data Access

Out of the box UI tools
for a CAD/BIM viewer app

  • Framework overview
  • Format agnostic data access
  • Implementation of the multi-format capability
  • Additional formats

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