Below are examples of Teigha-based applications by the Open Design Alliance or its members.

Teigha Viewer

Teigha Viewer is a free application to view .dwg and .dgn files. It is available for Windows/Linux/MacOS, Teigha Viewer can also be used as a test application for Teigha Extension (TX) SDK developers.

Teigha File Converter

Windows application that converts files back and forth between .dwg and .dxf file formats. The application supports wildcards for input file specification, allowing .dxf files to be used as input.

Teigha Online File Converter

Teigha for Java based web-server application that converts .dwg/.dxf files to .pdf and .bmp file formats.

Teigha Xtension (TX) SDK

C++ SDK which can be used to create TX plug-in modules for Teigha-based applications. Create custom objects, custom commands, etc.

Teigha Online File Viewer

Teigha Cloud based web-application that allows to render drawings in a Web browser.
It is an alpha release that is available for ODA members only.
The following web browsers can be used to run the application:
• Windows: Chrome 35, Opera 22 and Firefox 21.
• Mac OS: Chrome 35, Safari 7 (with enabled WebGl).
• Linux: Chrome 35.

ODA Open Design Specification for .dwg files

Includes specifications for header, entities, table entries (including layers, linetypes, views, viewports, styles, UCSs, dimension styles, and registered applications), objects, raster images, object maps, and bookkeeping information. Includes the specification for version 2013 files.


Tests .dwg files for possible corruption. Files that fail the test are reported. Accepts wildcard filenames and can optionally check sub-directories recursively.

IGC Free CAD Viewer

A free viewer from Informative Graphics Corporation. Powered by Brava!® using Teigha, supports viewing .dwg, .dxf, .dwf and secure .csf files as a Microsoft® Windows desktop program and web page ActiveX component.

Unless otherwise stated in the product description, these utilities require commercial licensing for inclusion in a commercial product.