The development platform for engineering solutions

Introducing the ODA

Founded in 1998 as the OpenDWG Alliance, the Open Design Alliance (ODA) empowers its 1200  members worldwide to build engineering applications to effectively address the demands of their customers.

ODA members can quickly design, build and deliver specialist engineering applications using Teigha®, ODA’s software development platform.  Read more »

Introducing Teigha

Designed by the ODA, Teigha® is available on all major operating systems. It supports the use of C++, .NET, and ActiveX interfaces and allows the exchange of data through .dwg, .dgn, .stl and .pdf files.

The ODA’s expertise and its relationships with well-known third party component vendors enable it to continue enhancing Teigha for the benefit of its members. Read more »

Member Showcases using Teigha

CAD has come a long way. It’s no longer confined to the drawing office. At last, architects, engineers and project managers can now quickly and conveniently...
For an authentic experience with rich detail you need hi-fidelity reproduction, whether listening or viewing. Whilst music enthusiasts want a cohesive whole...
Membership of the ODA has had a major impact on Advanced Computer Solutions, enabling it to retain clients and expand its customer base for Caddie software.