About Us

Software development is the core activity of the ODA and since 1998 the Open Design Alliance has worked to provide its members with a best-in-class development platform for engineering solutions. Read more on the history of the ODA.
Currently the ODA has 1300 members who are benefiting from the up to date technology provided by the ODA and integrating Teigha in their solutions. These members are licensed to distribute their solution according to their level of membership.
The ODA gives members the opportunity to share the cost and effort of development. It also gives them the opportunity to learn from each other and cooperate; for example members are invited to participate in the Showcases that demonstrate the varied use and benefits of Teigha.
Members have a vital role in the running of the organization, which is governed by a board, nominated and elected each year by Supporting and Founding Members. They can also participate in Special Interest Groups and co-operate in Special Projects.
More ODA news can be found in the Newsroom