Introducing Teigha®

The development platform for creating engineering applications on Windows, Macintosh OS X & iOS, UNIX/Linux, and Android.


C++ development environment that includes full support for .dwg/.dxf and DGN files, a powerful object-oriented C++ API, and a rich feature set for editing, manipulating and rendering CAD data. Also supports Teigha Xtensions for building custom objects and custom commands.


A set of SWIG-generated .NET wrappers that encapsulate the Teigha C++ API.  Teigha.NET API class and function names are identical to the underlying C++ names, making the transition to .NET easy for Teigha C++ developers.


Teigha Architecture

Vertical architectural engineering development environment for Teigha that supports architectural entities such as walls, doors, windows, and more.

Third Party Components

Teigha has API's to a number of industry-standard third party components, covering the areas of solid modeling, high performance rendering, and more.


Legacy Components

The following components are available for legacy .NET and ActiveX users.  New users are encouraged to use the new SWIG-generated Teigha.NET.


ActiveX interface to a significant subset of Teigha features, available using Visual Basic or other COM-accessible programming languages. 

Teigha.NET Classic

.NET interface to a subset of Teigha features, available using any .NET programming language.