PDF Support

The PdfModuleVI module provides direct integration between the ODA development platform and the Visual Integrity FlySDK, allowing ODA client applications to render PDF underlay entities in CAD drawings. A full description of this component can be found here: PDF Support.

Demo Version A demo version of PdfModuleVI can be downloaded here:

The demo version displays a dialog box during application initialization and has a watermark on the rendered PDF images. The dialog box and watermark are disabled in the production version of the component.

PdfModuleVI is available for the following:

  • x86/x64 VS 2003
  • x86/x64 VS 2005
  • x86/x64 VS 2008
  • x86/x64 VS 2010
  • x86/x64 VS 2012 (Windows XP support)
  • x86/x64 VS 2013 (Windows XP support)
  • x86/x64 VS 2015 (Windows XP support)
  • x86 GCC 3.3
  • x86 GCC 3.4
  • x86 GCC 4.1
  • x86 GCC 4.2
  • x86 GCC 4.4
  • x86 GCC 4.7
  • x86 GCC 4.8
  • x86 GCC 4.9
  • x86 GCC 5.2
  • x86 GCC 5.3
  • x86/x64 10.5
  • x86/x64 10.6
  • x86/x64 10.7
  • x86/x64 10.8
  • x86/x64 10.9
  • x86/x64 10.10
  • x86/x64 10.11
  • x86/x64 10.12

License agreement text (for printing)

How to Subscribe to PDF Underlay

To subscribe to the PDF Underlay Module, please have your account administrator Sign In to the account admin page, accept the PDF Module licensing agreement under Special Module Licensing, and pay the required fee ($500 per year). Once payment has been received, access to the PDF Underlay Module binaries will be granted.