Format flexibility

Teigha PRC can be used to convert .dwg or .dgn files to PRC-based 3D PDF (Portable Document Format). Accurate and highly compressible, the PRC file format is optimized to store, load and display 3D data such as geometry, assembly structures and product manufacturing information.

Universal sharing of 3D data

Teigha PRC supports content creation and data access for the full PRC format. PRC files encapsulated within PDF, an open standard, can be viewed universally which means that detailed 3D designs can be widely communicated.

Accessible archiving

The component is also intended for use as a stand-alone PRC library. PRC-based PDF files can be easily archived yet original 3D information will always be accessible for design reuse and revision within CAD, CAM and CAE systems.

Full compatibility with the ISO standard

Teigha PRC implements the complete PRC standard defined by ISO 14739-1:2014. All entity types are supported as well as tessellated solids, b-reps and compressed b-reps.