Foundation for cloud-based apps

Teigha Cloud is a framework for developing engineering applications that run in the cloud and can be accessed on any device via a browser or thin client. Teigha Cloud also gives subscribers the freedom to host applications themselves or deploy them on partner or customer sites.

Browser access to drawings

Drawings stored on a central web server can be accessed from any remote device without the need to install specialized software. Standard viewing controls include pan, zoom, 3D rotation, render mode and entity selection with property query. A WebGL-enabled browser is required for remote rendering.

Customizable client-server architecture

Teigha Cloud is based on a microservices architecture making it easily extensible. Server-side functionality can be implemented on any platform supported by Teigha, and pre-built modules are available for Windows and Linux. The client side supports both browser-based applications and customized thin clients.

Seamless integration with other Teigha modules

Designed to complement desktop applications rather than replace them, Teigha Cloud can render any file format that can be rendered by Teigha on the desktop, including .dwg and .dgn files. In addition, existing Teigha commands that may have been designed for desktop use can easily be reused in cloud-based applications.