The Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the release of DWGdirect.NET, the first ODA platform component built for use with the Microsoft® .NET framework.

DWGdirect.NET is a managed component that can read and write DWG/DXF files, render drawings, edit entity-level properties, and much more. This new component exposes a large subset of the functionality found in DWGdirect, which is available already to C++ and ActiveX programmers. DWGdirect.NET is usable from any .NET programming language, including C#, VB.NET, J#, and ASP.NET.

DWGdirect.NET is a valuable tool for rapid application development in any domain that requires access to DWG data — simple utility applications, rendering applications, and systems that need to create complex DWG drawings programmatically or analyze DWG data. The broad feature set and clean interface of DWGdirect.NET also make it an appropriate choice for in-house DWG development by larger corporations.

Neil Peterson, Chief Technical Officer of the ODA, stated, “.NET is a widely used development environment, and with the introduction of DWGdirect.NET, the ODA is making a strong entry into the .NET arena. Based on early feedback from our beta users we expect DWGdirect.NET to be widely used among our existing membership and to attract a significant number of new members to our organization.”

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