Teigha Trial Version License Keys Mapping

Teigha Trial Version License Keys Map

The following table contains summary information about the license keys required for trial versions of Teigha products. To get started with a trial version of a particular product, generate the license keys (specified with green marks) using the Member Management System page.

Teigha Product License Keys
Drawings Civil BIM Mechanical PRC Publish Visualize
Teigha Architecture              
Teigha Architecture.NET              
Teigha BIM              
Teigha Civil              
Teigha Civil.NET              
Teigha Drawings              
Teigha Drawings.NET              
Teigha for Java              
Teigha Kernel              
Teigha Mechanical              
Teigha PRC              
Teigha PRC.NET              
Teigha Publish              
Teigha Visualize              

NOTE: You can generate license keys and activate trial versions in any order.

NOTE: Use this table if you are manually activating Teigha trial versions. If you use the activator application, it generates the necessary license keys automatically.