New Membership Application


If you are already an ODA member and would like to apply for a trial version of Teigha BIM, Civil, or Mechanical, please do the following:

  • Have your ODA account administrator log in to
  • Scroll down and click on the trial version you are interested in.
  • Detailed instructions here

Member information

Member information

For individual memberships please use your First and Last Name i.e. John Doe
For Corporate Memberships, please contact ODA directly here

Additional module licensing

$10,000/year Corporate and Founding members
$5,000/year Sustaining members
$10,000/year Sustaining, Founding
and Corporate members
$10,000/year Sustaining, Founding
and Corporate members
$500/year All members
$1,000/year Education members
$2,000/year Non-Commercial members
$5,000/year Commercial and Sustaining members
$8,000/year Founding and Corporate members

Billing address

Billing address


Financial contact

This person pays invoices and receives financial statements.

Contract contact

This person signs relevant membership agreements.

Administrative contact

This person may update member and user information and can add new users.

Technical contact

This person will be kept up to date on the technical aspects of the membership.


Project Title

Project Description

University Name

University Website

University Address

Annual Revenue

Number of locations where ODA software will be used by your company to develop applications

What types of applications do you intend to develop using ODA software:

Which of the following describes your intended use of ODA software:

Trial experience

Do you have ODA trial membership experience?