What is Open Design Visualize?

Alexander Borovikov

June 07, 2018

The rendering capabilities of the Drawings product are well known, but there is another Open Design product (already available as a part of the basic subscription) that leverages the Drawings visualization and enhances its capabilities.

This product is Visualize, which implements scene management and handles a range of graphics entities and interaction algorithms. Being a general purpose graphics engine, it provides quick rendering of various geometry data (including custom data) with different effects and is not attached to a particular file format, but instead provides an abstract interface so that format-specific issues can be implemented in extensions.

Visualize includes a set of such extensions (that may be used as an example) for working with a wide variety of formats, including: .sat, .dgn (alpha version), .dwg, .obj, .prc, Parasolid, .rcs, and .stl.

These are all expected features from a general purpose graphics engine, but with Teigha Visualize there’s more.

  • GUI-style editing - Edit simple geometry objects such as lines, text and triangles (but not more complex objects such as dimensions).
  • Conversion - Load a file and save the data to .dwg, .pdf, .obj, and .json file formats. There will be side-effects in some cases, similar to GUI-style editing, for example getting a “triangle-line-text” set instead of a dimension. But there is a variety of conversion opportunities. You can also implement your own save procedure, enlarging the list of available conversions.
  • Web applications - Use Teigha Visualize for web applications with a proof-of-concept example found in Teigha Cloud.
  • .NET wrappers - Eases the use of Teigha Visualize in WPF applications (Windows Presentation Foundation applications). A sample WPF application is located in the Teigha Visualize archive.

Drawings users can easily try Visualize, as it is part of the basic subscription. Not a member? Try it! Similar to other Open Design products, a trial version of Visualize is available.