Allows ODA members to build engineering solutions with these features:

  • Supported DWG™, DXF, and BDXF file formats:
    • Read support for files of version 2.5 through 2014.
    • Write support for files of version 12 through 2014.
  • Supported DGN file formats:
    • Read support for V7 and V8 DGN (including V8 XM and V8I).
    • Write support for V8 DGN.
    • Convert from V7 to V8.
  • Render drawing files using GDI, OpenGL, or DirectX with the ability to select entities.
  • Recover and repair damaged .dwg files.
  • Edit and manipulate CAD data programmatically, including:
    • Explode an entity into a set of simpler entities.
    • Apply a transformation to an entity.
    • Modify arbitrary properties of database objects.
    • Clone a database object.
    • Many more.
  • Export to SVG, PDF, DWF, BMP, STL, DAE (Collda).
  • Import DWF/DAE/DGN files into a .dwg database.
  • Support custom objects — members can create custom objects that are usable within any Teigha host application (compatible with .dwg files only).
  • Support external files such as font files (TTF/SHX), linetype files (LIN/RSC), and hatch pattern files (PAT).
  • Recompute dimension geometry from dimension settings.
  • Support transactions and undo/redo capabilities for .dwg file data.
  • Support partial .dwg file load capabilities, allowing fast access to small subsets of drawing entities (entities are loaded from disk only if they are explicitly accessed by the client).
  • Customize memory management allowing member applications to control memory allocation/deallocation.
  • Support .dwg file “round-trip” data. For example, when saving a 2007 .dwg file back to R14, 2007-specific properties are saved to the R14 file as xdata and then restored if the file is loaded back into a 2007-compatible application.
  • Support ACIS/Parasolid data internally, including rendering (wireframe and shaded) for embedded 3D solids and access to the underlying boundary representation data.
  • Implement custom commands.  
  • Sample source code applications
  • Integrate with third-party components. More details at Third Party Components.


Example Applications

Teigha comes with an extensive set of example applications that cover a wide range of user applications, including:

  • Specific to .dwg/.dxf files:
    • OdReadEx – Read a .dwg or .dxf file and extract entity level data from the file.
    • OdWriteEx – Programmatic creation of a .dwg file containing examples of most supported entity and object types.
    • OdCopyEx – Load any .dwg or .dxf file and save as a specified version and type.
    • OdDwfImportEx – DWF import capabilities.
    • OdDwfExportEx – DWF export capabilities.
    • OdaMfcApp – MFC application which demonstrates rendering, entity selection, grip points, PDF export, custom commands, and many other features.
    • Many more.
  • Specific to DGN:
    • ExDgnDump - Read a DGN file and extract entity level data.
    • ExDgnCreate - Programmatic creation of a V8 DGN file containing examples of most supported entity types.
    • OdaDgnApp - MFC application which demonstrates rendering, PDF export and many other features.

Supported Operating Systems and Compilers

See supported operating systems and compilers for Teigha


DWG is the native and proprietary file format for AutoCAD® and a trademark of Autodesk, Inc. The Open Design Alliance is not associated with Autodesk.